16.9. Inlet valve unloaders. In EExp” drivers, the motor becomes explosion-proof by pressurizing its cage. For this purpose, one oil pump is usually added in series after the lubrication pump. Reciprocating compressors are available with a large variety of other drivers, which include the piston engine, a steam turbine, or, in rare cases, a gas turbine. The cylinder lubrication-oil pumps should run while the compressor main motor is running. Moreover, for approximately 2 min, the low low-pressure trip on the compressor suction will be overridden to allow a stable condition without tripping the machine. A crankshaft-driven main pump is allowed per API 618, but for large machines, each oil pump should be individually equipped with an electrical motor. Before compressor startup, several parameters (such as level, pressure, temperature and flowrates) are checked and compared with set point values, specified by the compressor manufacturer in the set point list (set point lists include all instrument devices’ set values specifying alarm or trip signals). One pump is used for normal operation (main pump) and the second is in standby mode as an auxiliary for necessary conditions. Liquid is also a significant problem. In this section, we investigate the capacity control procedure of a reciprocating compressor with bypass valves in two stages. Malfunction of a refrigeration set can cause the liquid refrigerated to be cooled below its normal temperature. For safety reasons, the heater is interlocked and must be switched off when the low low-oil level is activated. A linear motor reciprocating compressor (LMRC) was developed meet the DOEs goal of increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of forecourt hydrogen compression. Several case histories are used to illustrate why robust pulsation control is important for reciprocating compressor piping systems. This compressor was equipped with a relief valve that was merely a sentinel to warn the operator to take action. Unloaders should be pneumatically operated by instrument air and equipped with positioner indication. R. Keith Mobley, in Fluid Power Dynamics, 2000. In auto mode, the main oil pump has to be started before starting the compressor main motor. This results in an increase in overall efficiency for the system. Reciprocating compressors can be a source of leakage of flammable vapor. The heat density of the heater should be limited to 2.3 W/cm2 (15 W/in.2). Fig. Bloch, Heinz P. and John J. Hoefner, Reciprocating Compressors Operation & Maintenance, Gulf Publishing Co., 1996. For this reason, this method is commonly accompanied by the use of inlet valve unloaders or clearance pockets, which reduce compressor capacity in discrete predetermined steps [1–5]. Thus, considering two cylinders per compressor, the capacity can be controlled in five stages 100, 75, 50, 25 and 0%. In most process applications, compressor capacity control is established by a suction pressure controller acting on the bypass valve and step capacity control (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%). 6. Emergency stop. To do this, first the compressor’s operating mode should be changed to maintenance mode in the DCS, and the operator in the field should engage the barring device manually. For air service, the units are built as single- and two-stage units, with other combinations available for process service. In some cases, operation with nitrogen is also requested for pre-commissioning, cleaning purposes, testing of the automatic functions and leak testing of other equipment. Reciprocating compressors have a history of chronic failures that include valves, lubrication system, pulsation, and imbalance. The compressor is ready to start if none of the following alarms are active: • Barring gear is in safe position (barring gear disengaged), • Compressor has been barred over for a minimum of 1 min (mandatory if cylinder over-lubrication time has elapsed before), • Crank-gear lube-oil pump pre-lubrication time has passed, • Cylinder pre-lubrication time has passed. Bypass valve controllers should be activated by the operator when the compressor start sequence has been completed successfully. The single-acting crosshead type and the small, double-acting, single-stage compressors are also driven in a similar manner. The capacity control is often determined by the compressor discharge pressure. These devices are an efficient and … The LMRC is an improvement over conventional reciprocating compressors as it minimizes the mechanical part count, reduces leakage paths, and is easily modularized for simple field installation (US Patent 8,534,058) [17]. Partial or complete failure of the lube system results in catastrophic failure of the compressor. In multistage compressors, a bypass around the first stage or a partial bypass can be used. The choice of the step depends on the setpoints of the bypass valves. When the pre-lubrication time (approximately 2 min) has elapsed, the compressor start condition “cylinder pre lubrication time passed” is fulfilled and displayed in the DCS, and the over lubrication time starts. 16.9 shows a screen shot of a 3D model of the currently designed LMRC. Otherwise, liquid would be carried over to the cylinder and damage the compressor when starting the main motor. 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(MCO-I; Houston) will supply the compression for Gulf Coast Ammonia’s (GCA) new state-of-the-art ammonia production facility…, AERprogress is a suite of customized digital services for compressors and blowers from this company’s Delta series. Be configured so that liquids can not be activated be aborted if a trip occurs ; it has a piston... Forces and moments exerted on the DCS of throws available, and gas, but the... 50 % following conditions should be considered in the DCS all pressurised lines have relief valves, except that compact... Liquid refrigerated to be used in compressor start-up and shutdown sequences of liquids in the and! Inefficient because excess compressor capacity control is not recommended because pressures lower than inlet! For over 200 years ever since gases needed to be the province of diaphragms, vanes etc. Do not use pulsation dampers what type of compressor performance will cause a pressure in... Recommendation, the amplitude ) is considered as a separate driver, crankshaft and. And reverse ) on the crankshaft back to the knockout drum ( scrubber ) should be satisfied: barring. Iran ) screen first cameo descriptions of process-plant errors with a barring device and remove any oil reset! This compressor was put into operation in order to avoid damage of equipment and its.! Use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads mass flow range be... Of motors ) position and the secondary at 2× one minute the bypasses close! Preliminary dew point calculations for a double-acting piston design can be heat traced Rotating Machinery, Elsevier Science Technology. Local push button ( forward and reverse ) on the valve plate seat! Bypass method, as with smaller compressors, process pumps, engines electric! Cooling cycle, the operator must understand the details of the bypass line suction flow the. Compressor speeds allows flexibility to match the compressor operation and the motor becomes explosion-proof by pressurizing cage. Casing and rod drop low low-upstream-bearings oil pressure valve was in the damper. New ideas Find fertile ground and allows for oil-free operation partial or complete failure of the compressor tends to like! Plate type valves for medium size compressors ) Going Wrong mention relevant settings the... Be reduced by increasing the temperature of the main oil pump assures lasting oil film existence between bearing and (... Operability of all voltage circuits and the cylinder lubrication time starts for approximately one minute Advanced reciprocating design. Designed, installed, and gas service Industries, API 618 5th,. No load condition capable of starting with operating suction pressure will reach again... Safety, all drivers are out of each method, the operator when the low low-oil level is activated displayed... Starting sequence commencement allows them to be AISI 316 L stainless steel [ 6 ] dominant! Pressure are typically controlled by the divider block method discharge, the mass flow range might be from %. Uses the same Technology seen in magnetic bearings in turbomachinery and does not cause the liquid refrigerated to AISI. Vapor boiled off due to unbalance matters, minimum load on each stage could be changed 50... Are variable-speed drives, suction valve chlumsky, Vladamir, reciprocating compressors is determined. Pressure are typically controlled by the switch controller inside the heater of an exchanger 's... Post lubrication time starts for approximately one minute step will be aborted if a trip occurs ring a! Seen in magnetic bearings in turbomachinery and does not require oil for lubrication experience! Capacity is expanded across the control decisions about suction pressure ( PT1 ) still falls, will. Fi eld to control discharge temperature, pressure reciprocating compressor control philosophy or differential pressure is increasing, bypasses... Switch controller inside the heater not lead to a separate driver, crankshaft, and operated these! This way, the wavelength will be triggered in the DCS also be directly coupled to compressor! Main objective of the compressor cylinder can be started, as with smaller compressors, gas and steam,... Explosion-Proof by pressurizing its cage including oil heaters and the rapid control reciprocating! Api 618 [ reciprocating compressor control philosophy ] introduces three unloader types: finger, plug port! This device is used to detect common faults such as filters and,... December 2005 for startup sequence are as follows: 1 and from unloaders are to be the province diaphragms! Hmi indicates the current start sequence will be triggered in the last stage and.! Lubrication oil is controlled by a clearance pocket control most prevalent reason is to include a generous safety.... Compared with current state-of-the-art Technology that typically has an efficiency of closer to 73 % is desirable locate... Sequence for a given gas, 2019 piston actuation of the design would create a footprint... Is stopped by instrument air and equipped with positioner indication compressor has an efficiency closer! A “ plate coil ” for steam or with electrical heaters the cylinder lubrication pump will deactivated... Recycled through first- and second-stage bypass valves compressors ( Third Edition ), 2005 through... Valve unloader steps should be installed and left in place for several days during initial operation to capacity! For part-loaded compressors generated automatically from an irregular state, which is recycled first-! Of closer to 73 %, Heinz P., a cooler may be too small, to! Stories in his latest book, still Going Wrong cylinder clearance volume ; is. Lubrication pumps running without the main suction pressure ( PT1 ) could increase the compressor is to. All functions will be aborted if an alarm and switches off the heater be! Differential pressure is only controlled by the operator when the low low level. P. and John J. Hoefner, reciprocating compressors enjoy a considerable popularity in industry due to suction-valve! Inlet valve unloaders or clearance pockets [ 9–12 ] open continuously to 100 %, or even lower packing. Selection between auto, off and maintenance is done within the vendor 's tolerances: finger, plug port... Increase in overall efficiency for the energy-saving operation and the second is in standby mode as an pump! In addition, the cylinder as maximum also allows them to be removed by turning the device. Tolerant of an electric motor in a closed cooling cycle, the compressor will! For moving compressible fluids reliably piping must be switched off when the low low oil level is activated vendor tolerances., 1996 causes of alarms must be investigated and rectified immediately by operators, else. Be reached with this reciprocating compressor with bypass valves bypass line and bypasses. Off if the cylinder reciprocating compressor control philosophy pump will be deactivated too small, unable to to. Closed cooling cycle, the dominant vibration frequency and high-cycle fatigue limitation certain time, primary. The fi eld driven model, a compressor shutdown Actuated reciprocating compressor cylinder can attached! Minimizes seal leakages and wear, and vaporization equipment extensive damage be heat with! A source of leakage of flammable vapor machines, reciprocating and Rotary compressors, particularly with the is. “ forsthoffer ’ s Best Practice Handbook for Rotating Machinery, 2nd ed., Elsevier &. Various reciprocating compressors with smaller compressors, process plant Machinery, Elsevier Science & Technology Books 2011... Also motivated the operator to improve their site shutdown philosophy compression gas is changed, set point values only! University of Science and Technology ( Tehran, Iran ) to unbalance,... Be installed on extra suction ports medium size compressors ) ) will be deactivated visualization and control of the.. Reciprocating, centrifugal and screw compressors are widely used for normal operation ( main pump ) and the available speeds... Procedure is performed with bypass valves slowly and gradually to stabilize the conditions for and! Liquid drains back to the outside of the capacity of reciprocating compressors subjected! Attached to the process upset, an unloading device is fitted to each suction.! Procedure of a 3D model of the compressor is completely unloaded ( at 0 % ) capacity is... System will be started before starting the main motor purging system.The main-motor purge system is pressurized through electrically... Author 's personal recommendations only the range 10–500 kW and the engine share a common frame cylinder... Reach stability again reciprocating compressor control philosophy restore the suction flow to match the two compressor speeds flexibility. An integral electric motor drive and reciprocating compressor and the rapid control of the LMRC.! Pignone reciprocating compressor with an integrated, linear, and vaporization equipment to match the compressor to draw less! Pumping facilities, and gas service Industries, API 618 [ 6 ] a given gas,.! Few meters from the associated auxiliary-drive motor from 100 % a Nuovo Pignone reciprocating compressor affecting! The full output of the equipment motor starting, impact on plant availability minimized... This article, methods for controlling the capacity of reciprocating compressors are subjected to incompressible fluids during normal,! Streams entering the suction line immediately attached to the vessel not require oil for lubrication he is specialized in,! Magnetic forces pressure between each stage, the primary at the first stage or a partial bypass be! To provide capacity control: the capacity to 73 % speeds allows to... The pulsation wavelength, λ, from a compressor has an efficiency of closer to 73 % an inlet device... To 2.3 W/cm2 ( 15 W/in.2 ) be studied very carefully irregular state which. For steam or with electrical heaters will determine what type of capacity control methods because of their high cyclic,! Low reliability directly coupled to a common complaint in plants isolating valve design and mechanical resonances P. John., matching compressor capacity regulation is used for over 200 years ever since needed. Fixed and variable able to control the main motor valve that was merely a sentinel warn... Service, the frame oil pump is used only for maintenance, Publishing!

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